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MAPLE BEAR GLOBAL SCHOOLS The best of Canadian education for a global future.

Why Maple Bear?

Apaixonados pelo conhecimento e aprendizado.


Preparados para conduzir e tomar decisões, escolhendo seu destino.


Adaptáveis em um mundo onde a mudança é a única constante.



Com posse de conhecimento e as ferramentas necessárias para uma ótima performance na faculdade, no trabalho e na vida, no seu país de origem ou fora.


Dos seus talentos e do seu potencial.


Aptos para pensar livremente e moldar suas próprias crenças


Sempre motivados, procurando respostas e pensando em novas maneiras.


BilĂ­ngue e alfabetizado culturalmente para um futuro global. Para o sucesso na vida, no Brasil, ou no exterior.

Canadian Methodology

Canada has a leading position on PISA, the international exam that evaluates students in mathematics, reading and sciences. Developed by experienced Canadian and Brazilian educators, and with learning centered on the student, Maple Bear’s academic program unites the best practices from Canadian education with the curriculum requirements from Brazil.

Among the best in the world

Since it became a nation in 1867, Canada has always been built upon foundations of respecting differences and recognizing its two official languages: English and French. But it was by the end of the 1960s that the country, through its “Languages Act”, one of the main parts of Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau’s government, and through the work of the Royal Commission on Bilingualism and Biculturalism, that bilingualism was really established as a crucial and central element for the inclusion and respect towards all Canadians. This movement marked the start of a long history of research and dedication to the development of a truly bilingual educational system, capable of developing citizens not only fluent in a second language, but actually native in two languages.

And all this knowledge is present in Maple Bear’s classrooms all over Brazil. However, bilingualism is not the only pillar upon which the excellence of the Canadian education system is built.

Information and FAQ
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